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Tailoring the Warm-Ups For You!

We have a few upgrades coming this month, and we’d like to get your input before we finalize. Please take a moment to answer one question.

One Question: Give Your Input!

Looking Back: Previous Teacher Feedback

Your feedback from the 2017-18 school continues to be invaluable as we build Spiral Warm-Ups together! We began last August with just a few weeks of word study warm-ups and created almost 50 weeks of warm-ups based on your input!

(See the charts are at the bottom of this page.)

Then, in January 2018, we moved into the comprehension warm-ups. Based on your feedback, we focused on two comprehension skills: main ideas and making inferences warm-ups.Finally, we ended the 2018 school year with the fluency pilot program and fine-tuned the Lexiles and reading speeds to really target those transitional readers in grades 3-6.

Moving Forward: Upgrades for Awesome Members

Now, we’re taking the next steps by upgrading all of our Awesome Members to include the new Fluency Builder warm-ups!We want to make sure we get the details right, so please take a moment and respond to the two questions below, and we will start tailoring the warm-up activities based on what engages your students the most!

Data from 2017-18 Surveys

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