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Awesome Membership Upgrades

Your Spiral WarmUps Awesome Membership is receiving a major upgrade for the 2018-19 school year! The upgrades include:
  • The Fluency Builder Package
  • Student Accounts
  • Differentiation Pathways
  • Progress Monitoring Assessments
Our 2017-18 school year focused on developing, revising, and rolling out the free word study warm-ups and the reading comprehension warm-ups, and now we’re adding more for our Awesome Members.

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Fluency Builder Package

The Fluency Builder package was tried and tested by over 40 teachers during Spring 2018, and it includes daily reading fluency warm-ups focused on building reading accuracy, speed, short-term memory, and meaning.As of the time of this post, Fluency Builder has four levels of warm-ups with 1-4 weeks at each level:
  • Level 1: Sentence fluency with meaning. Students will move from 70wpm to 80wpm in short segmented text.
  • Level 2: Paragraph fluency with meaning. Students read extended timed texts to increase speed and meaning.
  • Level 3: Sentence fluency with meaning. Students will move from 80wpm to 90wpm in short segmented text.
  • Level 4: Level introduces informational texts at 90wpm in extended timed texts with meaning.

Student Accounts

This has been a teacher-requested feature since the fall of 2017, and we’re working on it to get it right! The student accounts will roll-out this school year and can be used for:
  • Reading Stations
  • Differentiation
  • Individualized Warm-Ups
  • Individualized Re-teaching & Practice

Differentiation Pathways

Long-gone are the days of presenting one concept or skill to an entire set of students. Each learning has unique strengths and needs, so your warm-ups should represent that.Differentiation pathways is a new concept for Spiral WarmUps that we will develop and test during this school year with the intent of adding (at no cost) to the Awesome Membership.

Progress Monitoring Assessments

We experimented with a variety of assessments during the previous school year, and have discovered a simple-to-use, yet highly reliable assessment tool that we will roll-out this year to help you monitor the progress of your readers.
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to administer and evaluate.
  • It helps students track their own progress toward their learning goals.
  • It utilizes features of visible learning and sensitive data.
  • It incorporates current research on reading comprehension and reading fluency.
What do you think about these new upgrades?How can we help you build stronger readers and writers?Leave a comment below.






5 responses to “Awesome Membership Upgrades”

  1. […] we’re taking the next steps by upgrading all of our Awesome Members to include the new Fluency Builder […]

  2. Allison

    I’m looking forward to the students accounts. Does that mean students can log in and do their own warm-ups?

    1. Erica

      Hi Allison! Thanks for leaving your questions here in the comments.
      Yes, student accounts will allow a teacher to upload students into and each student will have his/her own login to work on the specific reading skills they need individually!

  3. Reagan

    Will the Fluency builder be an extra cost?

    1. Erica

      Hi Reagan and thanks for commenting.

      No, fluency builder is (as of August 2018) already rolled into the Awesome Membership! We will also provide the Fluency Builder as low-cost add-on to the free Word Study Warm-Ups, which may be a great option for a variety of settings.

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