Word Fluency & Basic Inferences: Three More Weeks of Warm-Ups! - Spiral Warmups

Word Fluency & Basic Inferences: Three More Weeks of Warm-Ups!

Great news for members – we just finalized the release of 3 more weeks of warm-ups!

  1. Fluency 2 Advanced Days 1-5
  2. Fluency 2 Advanced Days 6-10
  3. Basic Inferences 3

Fluency 2 Advanced takes students beyond the word fluency skills taught and practiced in Fluency 2, which focused on vowel digraphs. You can read more about the warm-ups in Fluency 2 in this detailed day-by-day walkthrough.

Fluency 2 Advanced focuses on upper elementary decoding patterns such as -ge, -gh, -dge, and ph. The warm-ups lay the groundwork for multi-syllabic words and advanced orthography. The first 5 days are available and the next five days will be published this week.

Basic Inferences 3 moves to our most complex inferences yet, but they are still basic. The Lexiles and text complexity increases in these warm-ups, but the questions stems are straightforward:

  • The reader can infer-
  • What can the reader infer about …

The Basic Inferences 3 spiral reviews are perfect for pushing advanced 2nd and beginning 3rd graders. They will deepen skill mastery in 4th and 5th graders.

Where can you find these warm-ups?

What’s next?

Stay tuned we’re working on more synonyms units, supporting inferences with details, and an upcoming pilot program. Thanks for reading, please browse these additional resources.

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