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Navigating the Warm-Ups

There are so many amazing and engaging reading warm-ups that it’s easy to get lost…unless you know the 5 basic areas of your member dashboard. Account Warm-Ups Literacy Sequences Support News As always the reading warm-ups are no-prep word study, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension warm-ups. If you’re a member, access your account here >> Your […]

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Three Activities for Context Clues

Three Activities for Teaching Context Clues We just released the free Word Meaning Warm-Ups, and they’re focused on context clues and vocabulary development. The great thing about the warm-ups is that there are three highly engaging activities students work through. In this quick post, I’ll share the three activities in the context clues warm-ups:Context MatchingWord MatrixWeekly […]

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Word Meaning Warm-Ups

Word Meaning Warm-Ups We’re finally here! After two years of developing free word fluency and word building warm-ups and working with over 100 classrooms, we’re ready to announce the free word meaning warm-ups! These warm-ups are going to impact vocabulary development in grades 2-6 in just 2-6 minutes of class each day. They are aimed at […]

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Double Consonant Activities

Double Consonant Activities We just released a new week of double consonant activities in the form of an interactive, no-prep video warm-up. The activities are called Word Builder. In this post, I’ll share: When to use Double Consonants The Floss Rule and Double Consonants with Suffixes Details About the Double Consonant Warm-Up Activities Word Builder […]

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Give It A Shot: Teacher’s Role

This Give It A Shot article was updated June 2019 along with the newly updated free word study warm-ups. Give It A Shot is one of the first activities students do in the Word Fluency 1 unit, which focuses on basic word decoding practice for grades 2-3 and intervention in grades 3-6. It’s a straight-forward activity […]

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Fluency Builder Level 2

The warm-ups in Fluency Builder Level 2 are designed to increase reading fluency: speed, accuracy, and working memory. Students will read at a forced rate and maintain meaning across a paragraph. Then they answer basic comprehension questions. Everything is based on leveled texts, repeated reading, forced fluency, and timing.Fluency Builder Level 2, What?Level two is […]

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Trouble-Shooting Video Problems

At some point, you might find problems with video streaming. Video playback problems are often due to internet bandwidth, filters, firewalls, or browsers. While there may be bandwidth issues, usually, the problem lies in the filtering and firewalls from school districts. Here are a few quick fixes that work on most systems: Restart the computer […]

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Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

SaveSavePhoneme-grapheme mapping is a research-based activity that helps early and transitional readers build word recognition skills. Phonemes are the sounds we hear in words. Graphemes are the letters that represent the sounds. This activity can be challenging for 3rd and 4th-grade students – even your strong readers! With a little bit of practice, it will help […]

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Activities in Fluency 1

The activities in Fluency 1 (our first unit in word study warm-ups) are designed to engage and build visual memory in upper elementary students. The fluency activities include:Word Racer Blending PhonemesWord SumsWord SortsA Variety of Blending Activities (oral, choral, and written).__TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW___Who should do these activities in Fluency1?The activities in the Fluency 1 unit could be used […]

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