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Scaffolding the Word Sorts (Spelling 1 Tutorial #3)

Scaffolding the Word Sorts (Spelling 1 Tutorial) If you’re moving into the spelling units, you will find a very challenging activity: timed and open word sorts. These word work activities show in the days marked as “spiral review”. Here’s what you need to know to help your students. Challenges in the Spiral Reviews The timed […]

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Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping

SaveSavePhoneme-grapheme mapping is a research-based activity that helps early and transitional readers build word recognition skills. Phonemes are the sounds we hear in words. Graphemes are the letters that represent the sounds.This activity can be challenging for 3rd and 4th-grade students – even your strong readers! With a little bit of practice, it will help […]

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Activities in Fluency 1

The activities in Fluency 1 (our first unit in word study warm-ups) are designed to engage and build visual memory in upper elementary students. The fluency activities include:Word Racer Blending PhonemesWord SumsWord SortsA Variety of Blending Activities (oral, choral, and written).Pin Me! Who should do these activities in Fluency1?The activities in the Fluency 1 unit could […]

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