Word Study Curriculum August Update

Have you joined SpiralWarmUps recently and began exploring the knowledge base and product tutorials?

In this post, you will quickly get an update on what word study curriculum is currently available during our roll-out period.

If you're looking for a more detailed review of the Word Study activities, I suggest you look at Fluency 1 Days 1-10 and Fluency 2 Phoneme Mapping.​

August Word Study Launch and Roll-Out

We successfully opened accounts for the free Word Study Warm-Ups on August 1, 2017, and we are currently in our roll-out phase.

During roll-out, ​members to the free Word Study Warm-Ups will continue to see newly published word study activities and units in their member dashboard.

Not a member? You can tap and register now.

Roll-out will continue into September with two more free courses added to the already published Word Fluency unit. ​The new Word Study units are Word Building and Word Meaning.

Word Study and ​Word Fluency Activities

As of the time of this update, there are six weeks of warm-ups posted. And two new days are uploading as I type.

The published spiral warm-ups are:

  1. Word Fluency 1: Consonant Blends
  2. Word Fluency 2: Decoding Words​

Word Fluency 1 focuses on 2nd and 3rd grade blending activities to build rapid word recognition skills. The content drills down into initial and ending blends that occur in mono- and ploy-syllabic words. The activities scaffold from what is a blend all the way to onset-rimes to timed identification of words.

You can view the full word study scope and sequence here.​

Word Fluency 2​ adds onto the first four weeks with 10 more days of decoding instruction and practice. Here, students are exposed to 3rd-grade consonant digraphs and 3rd-4th-grade vowel digraphs. Activities increase in rigor with word sorts and rapid, timed word recognition.

Word Building and Word Meaning

The Word Building Unit is complete and is in the upload queue. It is perfect for 3rd-5th grade spellers and 5th-7th grade remediation.

Members will see new weeks of warm-ups in their dashboard in the coming days.​

What's in Word Building?

Word Building focuses on two areas of word knowledge.

  1. Spelling
  2. Making Words

Activities in the Word Building unit include:

  1. editing mistakes,
  2. applying orthographic patterns, 
  3. discovering common spelling ​patterns, and
  4. building words with affixes, base words, and inflected endings.

What's in Word Meaning?

Word Meaning is the unit that focuses ​linking Word Study to reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Particular focus is given to synonyms/antonyms, Greek and Latin roots, affixes, and word-level syntax.

What about Middle School Warm-Ups?

Word Meaning is designed to help upper elementary and middle school students. The focus on root words and affixes will apply to 3rd-5th grade, and the advanced warm-ups will apply to 6th-8th grade.​

Word Meaning will roll-out in September. We cannot wait to provide you with these three units of word study!

Your students will have engaging practice, systemic curriculum, and careful scaffolding (a good article from TeamTom Education).

See also, Systematic Scaffolding of Difficulty).

You will have the ease of knowing what and how to teach the first 3-6 minutes of class.

It's going to be continue to be a win for everyone.​

As we've covered previously, the word study​ warm-ups can be used in many ways other than as a warm-up. I recommend viewing 8 Ways to Use other than a Warm-Up.

If you have any suggestions for curriculum or warm-up activities please comment below. Any ideas and question are taken very seriously, and we would love to integrate your suggestions in the free Word Study Warm-Ups!​


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